6 | Microglial-endothelial interaction in the regulation of leucocyte recruitment

How microglia influence endothelial gate-keeper functions during the recruitment of leucocytes is largely unclear, as tools to selectively modulate microglial function have only recently become available. Our work has shown that microglial cells form contacts with both nearby neurons and capillaries, and that the absence of microglia results in augmented brain injury after stroke (Szalay et al., 2016). Our recent research has revealed the role of microglia and site-specific IL-1 actions in the regulation of leukocyte recruitment and vascular responses (Fekete et al., 2018; Wong et al., 2018) and the role of microglia in shaping cerebral blood flow (unpublished). Using cutting-edge imaging techniques established at IEMHAS, such as super-resolution microscopy, laser speckle contrast imaging, electron tomography, in vivo 2-photon imaging, and selective modulation of microglial inflammatory responses, we will investigate how microglial-endothelial interactions influence leucocyte recruitment across endothelial barriers.


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Potential secondments

UHEL (Jari Koistinaho), month 12-13; INSERM (Denis Vivien), month 16-17; UNIBERN (Britta Engelhardt), month 33; WWU (Lydia Sorokin), month 35-36

Host Organisation:
Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest,Hungary