1 | The effect of polarisation on the infiltration of monocytes into the CNS

In multiple sclerosis (MS) myeloid cells invade the inflamed CNS and the brain barriers function as checkpoints to control their invasion. This project will investigate if CNS interfaces distinguish between differentially polarized myeloid cells, and the distinct role of invading and resident phagocytes during neuroinflammation at brain barriers and in the parenchyma. We will use innovative transgenic approaches to track polarised myeloid cells and visualise their infiltration across brain barriers by 2-photon and light-sheet microscopy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an MS model.


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Potential secondments

UKLFR (Marco Prinz), month 10-12; MIM (Paul Vulto), month 24-26.

Host Organisation:
Theodor-Kocher-Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland