8 | Perivascular macrophages and endothelial cell interactions during stroke

Endothelial activation is a hallmark of brain inflammation, acting either as a cause or a consequence of the diseases. To date, we lack suitable methods to measure endothelial activation in vivo. In our group, we have developed a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method allowing non-invasive endothelial activation mapping, targeting adhesion molecules such as VCAM-1 and P-selectin. In clinically relevant contexts in mice (including stroke and multiple sclerosis), we provided evidence that this method allows detecting endothelial activation before any clinical manifestation (Gauberti et al., Theranostics, 2018 for review). Using such MRI method, we will study the link between perivascular macrophages and endothelium during the inflammatory response in mouse models of brain diseases, especially ischaemic stroke.


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