2 | Effects of endothelial basement membrane on monocyte/macrophage differentiation and heterogeneity

Recent data indicates that monocyte interactions with endothelial cells promote monocyte differentiation towards macrophages. In addition, macrophages have been recently shown to be a highly heterogeneous population with different functions at different sites. Using high-resolution imaging and markers of the endothelial and parenchymal basement membranes together with endothelial and astroglial markers, we will precisely localise different macrophages in relation to the endothelium and underlying basement membranes, and will address the question of whether extracellular matrix is involved in their retention at defined sites and/or their differentiation towards different macrophage populations. Unique transgenic mouse lines lacking basement membrane laminins (Lama4-/-, Tie2Lama5-/-) and macrophage reporter mice will be employed, together with in vitro adhesion, migration and differentiation assays.


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Potential secondments

UKLFR (Marco Prinz) month 6-8, UNIBS (Marina Pizzi) month 18-20; MIM (Paul Vulto) month 28-30

Host Organisation:
Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University of Münster, Germany