14 | Remodelling of the microvasculature by perivascular macrophages after stroke

Acute stroke alters the expression of genes in the neurovascular unit. In this project will investigate how perivascular macrophages affect endothelial gene expression. We will focus on genes that have potential for affecting endothelial-basement membrane interactions. Their function will be investigated with viral vectors, a transgenic strategy and by a proteomics approach.


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Potential secondments

WWU (Lydia Sorokin), month 18; DUALSYSTEMS (Paul Helbing), month 13-15; UZL (Markus Schwaninger), month 23-25; PolyGene (Doron Shmerling), month 30.

Host Organisation:
Instituto de Investigationes Biomedicas de Barcelona – Department of Brain Ischemia and Neuro-degeneration, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain