2nd Network Meeting

8th to 11th June 2020 / Online

The second meeting of ENTRAIN network took place between 8th and 11th June 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, that has severely affected all events worldwide, the meeting took place via online platform.

This however did not take away from the opportunity to engage in talks and helpful discussions regarding our projects and the wider consortium, with palpable excitement and enthusiasm from all involved.

In the first two days the ESRs attended a workshop entitled “Good Scientific Practice” presented by Dr. Michael Gommel, M.A.. Students responded positively and felt that they gained much from the experience, especially from the engaging and productive atmosphere Dr.Gommel cultivated so strongly. A special thanks to him for such an experience.
The following days were dedicated to the first progress check of the ENTRAIN project, in which we were joined by Dr. Elisa Failla (European Union Project Officer of ENTRAIN).

Each student presented an update on their research. The currently evolving situation of the COVID pandemic and how it has influenced individual projects along with possible mitigation was also discussed. Despite the damages inflicted by the lockdown all students are returning stronger and more determined to their respective laboratories, full of energy to make up for the lost time.

“Even though COVID-19 forced us to reshape our second meeting in Bern, we tried to make the most of the completely new and virtual experience. I enjoyed the interactive “Good Scientific Practice” workshop with high-level discussions about publications, data storage/safety and “How to deal with Scientific Misconduct”. The annual EU report gave us the possibility to present our research and get feedback from the experts in the field. Once more, I am grateful to be part of this vibrant and positive spirited network, which gives me motivation and support for the uncertain times to come.”
Cathrin Hansen, ESR5

“Even though we all missed a lot seeing each other in person in Bern, the online meeting was more productive then I first imagined. The workshop about scientific good practice was perfectly placed on our first PhD year, reinforcing important ethical values conducting our research and the good care we must have with our data. It was also great to discuss the science process in a broader perspective regardless of our bench routine. The annual report was essential for us all to be updated with our colleague's projects, hearing scientific advice feedback from the other PIs and the feedback of Dr.Elisa Failla, making sure we were supported. Experiences such as being part of this consortium with nice people and being able to enjoy this conference is what keeps me motivated to learn more even during these strange Corona times.”
Laís Ferreira, ESR3

“Although we didn’t have a physical meeting in Bern due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the online version of the same was very informative and a fruitful one. For me, the highlight of the meeting was the workshop on good scientific practices, it was very engaging and presented situations pertinent to our research careers. The presentations by ESRs and the scientific discussions gave very good insights about their projects and were very helpful in planning potential collaborations and secondments. All in all, it was a great meeting with lots of learning. I feel honored to be part of this consortium and at the same time more motivated to set to work towards my goals.”
Sai Kiran Reddy Samawar, ESR2

Nevertheless, the physical meeting was very much missed and all participants are looking forward to the next opportunity to meet.

-The ESRs