Dance your PhD

In January 2020 Arya Lekshmi Nair, ESR 11, participated in the 12th annual "Dance your Ph.D." contest sponsored by Science Magazine and AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). Together with other PhD students from her host institution MIMETAS she created a video titled "Dance my PhD 2020 at Mimetas: From 2D Cell Culture to Vascularized Organoid".

The video highlights the importance of developing more complex and humanized in vitro tissue models for medical research. Although conventional cell culture systems where cells are grown as monolayers have greatly helped in strengthening our understanding of the basic human bio-physiological events, they lack the 3D cellular spatial arrangement and microenvironment of native tissues. Hence, there is a pressing need to develop more realistic and physiologically relevant models. Organs-on-chips are a new class of in vitro platforms that can be used to model miniaturized human tissues and organs in a tiny microfluidic device. These platforms have gained increasing attention in the recent years because of their ability to more accurately mimic human tissue physiology and heterogeneity by incorporating micrometer-sized channels and continuous perfusion.